Setting forth on one particular path might not always turn out exactly according to your expectations. Tiny twists and turns will always appear along the way, but rising above these challenges and coming out on the other side with a creative concept of your own is the real challenge.
Rikke Hubert confronted a rejection of her own when she was turned down by a music school in 2002. Facing this obstacle, she turned to her equally immense passion for fashion and created a visual unison of both music and fashion. Her vision of creating a transcendence of musical essence in her clothing line clearly shines through her products. Her aspirations of forming a line of clothing firmly down-to-earth along with the musical inspiration is clearly visualised in the feminine, simple and elegant style of the line.
Moreover, in 2010 Rikke Hubert collaborated with one of her great inspirations, Ane Trolle, on a collection called The Tambourine March. Combining both women’s skills and talents and sharing their vast interests in music as well as fashion, the collection emerged with a focus on materialistic contrasts, free movement and a keen sense of detail. The line includes short as well as long dresses, stockings and most notably a bag neatly fitted to hold a tambourine.